NEW INFO ADDED: Fairfax County team in Haiti helps in the rescue of a neighbor. Silver Spring, Maryland man tells his story of being trapped under the Hotel Montana.

Virginia Task Force 2 out of Virginia Beach is also in Haiti. Click here and here to follow their work.

Click here and scroll down for our previous coverage on the earthquake in Haiti

Read more on the rescue of Rick Santos is also keeping tabs on Virginia USAR teams

Ohio team sits on the ground for another day after flight is canceled

The latest number we have on people found alive buried under earthquake rubble in Port au Prince, Haiti by Virginia Task Force 1 is 14. The hard and sometimes frustrating work by all of the USAR teams continues as the hours slip away.

In the video above is one of the survivors from the Hotel Montana. There, the crew from Fairfax County joined colleagues from France in searching for those who could still be alive. One of those they found was a neighbor from the Washington area, Rick Santos. Santos, from Silver Spring, Maryland, is the President and CEO of IMA/World Health.

Here is some more information that Fairfax County officials distributed Sunday morning to various interested parties:

  • The two teams from Virginia Task Force 1 (USA-1 & USA-5) are now combined into one. Apparently this was necessary due to transportation and fuel issues, but has helped in the management of the resources and enhanced the team’s capabilities.
  • The last live victim removed by VA-TF 1 involved a 26-hour operation at the University of Port-au-Prince. It was completed at 9:00 PM Saturday. The patient was in critical condition.
  • The operation at the Hotel Montana has been completed.
  • Satellite telephone reliability is a continuing problem, but the radio system has worked well.
  • VA-TF 1 along with CA-TF 2, FL-TF 1, and FL-TF 2 are still working out of the U.S. Embassy.
  • NY-TF 1 and VA-TF 2 are set up at the airport.
  • It is possible, but not certain, that teams could be used for “humanitarian efforts” once things switch to a recovery operation.

News reports here and here indicate California Task Force 2 located six victims in the rubble at two different locations. The video above and below follows their work at a collapsed building where the team heard tapping within the debris.

Here are excerpts from a Sunday CNN article with more details on the work by USAR teams:

Even now, survivors still emerge from under mounds of concrete. By Saturday, American search teams had pulled out 22 people from collapsed buildings.

Early Sunday, a man and a teenage girl were found alive in the rubble of a grocery store housed in a three-story building that had collapsed. A joint New York police and fire urban rescue team found them. Both were taken to a U.N. hospital at Port-au-Prince’s airport, where the girl, about 13, was treated for leg injuries and the man treated for undetermined injuries.

The team was trying to reach three others who were still trapped, according to a statement Sunday from New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne. The five survived on the grocery store’s inventory of food and water, authorities said.

Nearly 30 international rescue teams continued to comb the disaster areas for more survivors.

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