Update on Virginia Task Force 1: Today's briefing.

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Here are some of the main points from this morning’s update from the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department:

  • Still at 15 rescues as of 10:00 this morning.
  • Search and rescue teams have been responsible for the rescue of 72 people.
  • U.S. teams made 40 of the 72 rescues.
  • The team is doing a secondary search of an area known as Sector 1 A.
  • The team is involved in delayering operations at the Hotel Montana.
  • There were no night operations last night so team members caught up on rest.
  • There is improved access to transportation and escorts.
  • Shortage of fuel is an issue and the team is being allotted 15 gallons-per-day.
  • Satellite phone problems persist, but the hand-held radios continue to work well.
  • Supply restocking is an issue the team continues to deal with.
  • They are restocked on water and MREs.
  • Bottled water is being reserved for crews work in the field and personnel at the Base of Operations are refilling empty bottles with water that is filtered on the embassy grounds.
  • Team members remain motivated from the continued success of the mission and continue to work extremely hard.
  • Demobilization plans are being developed but no timeline for demobilization has been established.