A dangerous return trip from the repair shop. St. Louis fire engine struck by bullet as crew drove into the line of fire.

By Jeff Small KSDK-TV:

Some St. Louis firefighters barely escaped injury after getting caught in the middle of a shooting Wednesday night in North St. Louis City.

A shooting broke out around 10:30 p.m. very close to engine house 26 in the 4200 block of Margeretta. Firefighters were on their way to their firehouse when bullets went flying.

MO St. Louis fire engine struck by bulletA spokesman for the fire department said firemen were bringing a pumper truck back to the firehouse from a repair shop. As they got close to the firehouse, they heard a loud noise.

When they looked up the street, they noticed a person with a gun firing shots at a man and woman. At least one bullet is believed to have ricocheted and hit the firefighter’s pumper truck.

“They were directly in the line of fire and the noise they heard was the bullet grazing off the pumper so they immediately backed out,” said spokesman Bob Keuss.

Firefighters involved in the shooting were not injured but police say the male victim was shot in the leg, the female shot in the back. Both were taken to the hospital where they were listed in stable condition. As of Thursday night, police were still looking for the shooter.

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