UPDATE: And it is still snowing. Live scanner feeds. Collapse at Dulles Airport. Send us your snow videos & pictures of fire & EMS in action.

Send us your fire & EMS snow videos and pictures

Preliminary snow totals

Some live scanner feeds from the region: DC Fire & EMS, PGFD, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel CountyFrederick County, MD

Power line arcing
Tens of thousands are already without power in the Washington area. This picture by Chris Tucker taken in Bethesda shows one location where power was a problem.

If you would like to check in with how your Nation’s Capital is dealing with what is being call an epic snow storm, click above for live coverage from WUSA9.com.

Area fire departments are having difficulty getting to many locations and fire and EMS equipment is getting stuck.

There has been a collpase of a hangar at Dulles International Airport. Here are some details from WUSA9.com (hope to have more on this later)-

A spokesperson for the Airport Authority says the roof of a hangar housing private jets partially collapsed damaging some aircraft. The hangar is in the Dulles Jet Center in the General Aviation area. There were no injuries reported but the hangar was evacuated. No estimate yet on the amount of damage to the aircraft. The hangar has been condemned.

Michael "FirePix1075" Schwartzberg photo of Baltimore County Fire Department Medic 17 at GBMC.
Michael "FirePix1075" Schwartzberg photo of Baltimore County Fire Department Medic 17 at GBMC.

There have been collapses of roofs on at least two homes in Northeast Washington.

The World Headquarters of STATter911.com is fairly inaccessible right now and we have instituted a liberal leave policy for our hard working staff. I will just have to plug along without them.

I am getting assistance from the WUSA9.com web team. They continue to add videos to our player to the right. These include some TV appearances by local fire chiefs (DC’s Dennis Rubin and Montgomery County’s Richard Bowers) and even a snowy response video from the Leesburg VFD (also added below). By the way, that player always has the 30 latest fire and EMS videos that come through WUSA9.com (locally and from around the country).

If you have video or pictures showing how firefighters  & EMS crews are handling this storm you can click here to upload them to WUSA9.com. It can even be just a pretty shot of your firehouse.

Emily Cyr and Jillian Coyle will make sure they show up in the video player (and STATter911.com will find a way to show case your still photos).