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UPDATED: Transport video & radio traffic from shooting at the Pentagon. Two security officers wounded. Shooter is dead.

View images from George Washington Hospital Center and the Pentagon

Two Pentagon Force Protection Agency officers were grazed by bullets last night and returned fire killing the gunman.

Pentagon-Police-Officer-at-George-Washington-Hospital-~-01Chief Richard Keevill, who leads the security force, says the shooter, “Walked up cool and with no distress. He reached into his pocket which is common for people to get their Pentagon pass out but instead he came out with his gun.”

With no known motive sources say 36-year-old John Patrick Bedell tried to enter the Pentagon and opened fire just outside of the building around 630 Thursday evening. Besides the officers and the suspect no one else was hurt.

Officials say there is no immediate signs of terrorism but they haven’t ruled anything out. Authorities say the shooter said nothing as he got to the first security checkpoint to the Pentagon, and opened fire.

The incident happened at the Pentagon’s Metro entrance facility. Keevill says, “We have layers of security, he never got inside the building to hurt anyone.”

The two officers who were within several feet of the suspect were shot and sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Josh Gross a CBS producer was on his way home on the metro when his train stopped underground at the Pentagon Metro stop.
officers told passengers to stay underground for safety.

Gross says, “Officers told us we could leave at our own risk and as soon as they got to the platform they were forced back down.”

The Pentagon went under lockdown for an hour and a half and metro trains passed through without stopping.

Gross says, “The producer side of me was curious, I was the last person off the train and I took pictures but officers said I couldn’t take pictures and watched me erase them.”

Surae Chinn contributed to this article.

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