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Early video from Missouri house fire: Unless you are into POV response videos you might want to scroll forward to about three minutes. At that point you will see a firefighter and police using a nearby ladder to help someone from the second floor of a burning home in West Plains. The fire is labeled as suspicious. The West Plains Fire Department has more than 100 photos from this fire on Friday. Click here.

DC Dupont Circle office building

DC 2nd-alarm: An afternoon rush hour fire in Dupont Circle messed up the Tuesday commute home for many. (Click here or the image at left for some pictures). The fire started in a ground floor restaurant and spread through the duct work in the 10 story office building. Click here for a little video from Vito Maggiolo. And click here to read more details about the fire.

Radio traffic from a hit and run with a Boston firefighter as the victim: has the radio transmissions after the driver of a Dodge Durango hit a firefighter from Ladder 23 who had responded to a medical call. The driver kept going. The firefighter’s injuries were not life threatening. Click here for the audio and here for details from Firefighter Close Calls.

Firefighters hurt in Alabama: Radio traffic and video from a duplex fire in Mobile where four firefighters were slightly hurt. Check it out.

Mayday in Pennsylvania: had a busy day and also has the radio traffic from a brief mayday at an apartment fire in Baldwin Borough yesterday. Click here. Here’s more on the fire.

Some must see video from 21-years-ago: A classic close call from Chicago. It was 1989 when three firefighters became trapped inside a building on S. Dearborn. Quite dramatic. Here it is. 

Click the image from more pictures from The Herald's Andy Burriss of a fire on Tuesday in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
Click the image from more pictures from The Herald's Andy Burriss of a fire on Tuesday in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Video & pictures from South Carolina vacant building fire: The building in Rock Hill used to house Porter’s Grill. Click here for the video. Here for pictures. And here for the story.

Your moment of Firehouse Zen: Make sure you read what Mick Mayers has to say about some recent stories of firefighters behaving badly, the report from the Cumberland Valley Volunter Firemen’s Association and what chiefs should be taking away from all of this. Here it is.

Geezer on home builders: Bill puts on his legal hat (he just plays a lawyer on the Internet) to warn home builders in Pennsylvania that they might want to be careful about the arguments they are making in court to try and stop residential sprinklers. Click here.

Man claims discrimination on treatment following crash in blizzard: Spotsylvania County, Virginia officals say they are investigating Tim Johnson’s complaint that he was virtually ignored at a crash scene during one of last month’s snow storms. Johnson, who is black, believes he didn’t receive the same care that people in another car did. Dan Telvock has the story at

Judge believes union president & vice president fired for union activities: A judge isn’t buying that Angela Rice and Richard Nihizer were breaking any rules when they watched videos with violence and explicit language on a computer inside the firehouse in Butler Township, Ohio. It’s a story we first reported in January of 2008. Apparently no porn was involved and rulings indicate the there were no good guidelines on exactly what was allowed and what wasn’t. The pair have again been ordered reinstated. Here’s the latest.

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