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Thirty pets die in house fire: This overnight fire is from a week ago in Lodi, New Jersey. The family escaped, but their reptiles, birds and cats didn’t. There is more video- Part 2, Part 3. Read more about the fire.

Look to your right and check out our video player. Two new stories added by’s Emily Cyr are the 21st fire in a series of arsons in a small area of Tampa and a house fire in Lewes, Delaware.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Oh, come on! My people at their worst: In my opinion Firegeezer Bill Schumm wasn’t worked up enough in his criticism of a TV reporter going after an EMS crew in Omaha, Nebraska. I would dub this “exclusive” story “trivial pursuit” or “Seinfeld’ (a show about nothing). The reporter’s investigative efforts came about because someone heard an 11-year-old boy’s voice come across an Omaha Fire Rescue frequency on the scanner in the newsroom. What was the shocking reason behind this incident worthy of  multiple stories by the TV station and an internal investigation? The boy was riding with his sick grandmother to the hospital. Obviously scared, one of the crew members let Joey Roth get on the radio and provide the status of the unit, saying they were on the way to the hospital. It was an effort to calm the boy’s nerves that seemed to work. I hate to tell the reporter in Omaha this isn’t the same as the air traffic controller who put his son on the radio directing pilots during take offs and landings at one of the busiest airports in the country. Give the crew member a medal for innovative thinking and let’s move on. Here’s Bill’s original story and  here’s an updated story with remarks from the union president.

My gut tells me this isn’t going to be one of the women who proposition him: Remember Chicago Fire Commissioner John Brooks and his most interesting quote when confronted by a reporter over a sexual harassment complaint?

“I have never sexually harassed any woman or man in my life. I do not proposition women. I don’t have to. Women usually proposition me. God has blessed me like that”.

The lady’s man has another woman after him. But she’s a former prosecutor at the state and federal level and associate circuit judge who has been appointed to look at the validity of the complaint against Brooks. Read the latest.  

Fighting to get his job back in DeKalb County: Tony Motes was just a few months short of being eligible to retire as a fire captain in DeKalb County, Georgia. But Motes got fired first, along with four others over the botched call to help a woman whose house caught fire. In a hearing appealing his firing, Motes said 911 didn’t pass along all of the information. Here’s the latest on this story.

Federal court throws out firefighter’s suit over sign about mayor: You may recall the story from Edison, New Jersey about the firefighter (and son of the union president) who ended up with five days off because of a sign on his vehicle, parked on fire department property, saying Mayor Jun Choi lies (it was election season and Choi lost). A U.S. District Court judge has thrown out the suit Peter Yackel filed after he received a five-day suspension from Chief Norman Jensen. Read the details.

A real mess: In Florida, the Destin Fire Control District has fire commissioners pointing fingers at each other and one of them releasing very detailed information about test scores on promotion exams. The issue is how much “chief’s points” count in deciding who gets to be lieutenant and captain. Kim Brown, the commissioner who is pushing the issue, shot back at another commissioner , “I’m messing with morale? Do you know where the morale in this department is?” Here is more from

A dozen firefighters arrested in less than 15 months: The Albuquerque Fire Department is dealing with the 12th arrest of a firefighter on alcohol related charges since the start of last year. Knowing they have a problem, the department just finished classes dealing with the issue. Here’s the story.

Handing out money in Georgia: Another hefty award in the latest in a series of sexual harassment lawsuits in Decatur County, Georgia. Read the story.

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