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Arsonists caught in the act. Camera captures fire being set in Fort Worth that injured firefighters.

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Excerpts from from KTVT-TV article:

A malicious attack of a Fort Worth gardening supply has been caught on surveillance video.

The store, known as Hydro-Expo, is located in west Fort Worth. The building was set on fire early Wednesday morning.

TX Fort Worth arson on video

Store surveillance cameras show two people dressed in hazardous materials suits jumping out of a pickup truck and dousing the building with what appears to be a flammable liquid and propane tanks before lighting the building on fire.

Fort Worth Fire Department spokesman Timothy Hardeman says the fire is bizarre, but the suspects knew what they were doing. “They were determined. Their motive was clear. They wanted to destroy this business.”

Hydro-Expo co-owner David Underwood is in shock over the fire. “We can’t believe someone would do this to us. It was such an intentional act. It was awful.”

Three firefighters were injured fighting the fire. Hardeman says they are eager to get the arsonists off the street. “Our investigators are determined, not just because it was firefighters that were hurt. But because this is a public safety matter.”

This isn’t the fire time the business was a target. On March 17 another attempt was made to burn down the building. Fort Worth Fire officials say that fire didn’t get a chance to spread.

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