UPDATED – Fire in Emmitsburg: 150-year-old apartment building housing Stavros Pizza burns early this morning. Pictures as firefighters first arrive on the scene.

Click here, and here (and look below) for other clips from ConjoStudios taken earlier in the fire. And this one that came later.

Click here for a series of pictures as firefighters first arrived on the scene

It is where Seton Avenue and Main Street meet in the heart of Emmitsburg, Maryland. On the southeast corner of that intersection is an old three story apartment building (four in the rear) with balconies on Side A atop the entrance. Side C is the entrance to Stavros Pizza.

It is a building any of you who have spent time down the street at the National Fire Academy have passed many times. Probably on your way to and from the Ott house, just three doors down on the southwest side of that intersection (which, of course, is next to the Vigilant Hose Company).

 More from ConjoStudios posted to YouTube.

Karen Gardner at The Frederick News-Post reports the fire was discovered at about 6:00 AM and was caused by a second-floor resident of  who fell asleep while smoking a cigarette. There are 16 apartments in the building.

Click the image for more pictures of the Hotel Slagle.

The building got its start as the Hotel Slagle in 1859. Here’s more on the fire from Gardner’s article:

Fire companies from Adams and Franklin counties in Pennsylvania and Carroll, Frederick and Washington counties battled the blaze. Thirty-five pieces of equipment and 125 firefighters were involved. The fire was out by 9 a.m., but smoke continued to billow from the roof for much of the day.

Soot covered much of the large, three-story building, and heat caused the glass in many of the windows to break. The building had a gable roof and balconies on all three stories. Rafters poked out of the roof shingles.

Christopher Naum has more on his Command Safety website.

 Video above by Sam Zanella.

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