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Early video shows initial operations as Detroit pulls up to 2 burning homes. 5 teens arrested after 7 fires in an hour.

Watch story from WDIV-TV.

Here is the description by johnbondy with the two You Tube videos on this page:

I followed chief 5 to lane st. & mullane st. from another fire 4 blocks over and this was the 7th arson in the same neighborhood within an hour. channel 4 news was there, and one firefighter who was working in the second dwelling was rushed to the hospital. Five teenagers were arrested and confessed to all seven arsons. And detroit is awesome, first engine on scene at 1:00, they had water on the fire at 2:30. a minute and a half!!! who else does that?!?

WDIV-TV writes this about yesterday’s arson spree:

Five teens have been arrested in connection with several fires that burned across southwest Detroit on Thursday.

Detroit police said fire crews responded to two fires on Rathbone Street, two on Lane Street and one near Lawndale Street all within hours of each other — starting at about 2 p.m.

A firefighter was hurt, carried off on a stretcher, while battling a fire on Lane Street. The fire started in an abandoned house and garage, catching a vacant duplex next to it on fire as well.

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