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Dennis Rubin's memo attempts to rally troops to fight budget cuts. The latest in the battle between the fire chief and the councilmember.


Read Chief Rubin’s email to the department

Read Phil Mendelson’s April 27 anti-deficiency letter

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Let me be the first to admit I was wrong. Having watched the videos from the last two council hearings where DC Fire & EMS Chief Dennis Rubin appeared before the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary, I thought there was a major improvement in the relationship between the chief and Chairman Phil Mendelson. It looked like after more than a year of very public bickering there was no longer any significant fire or smoke showing and this blaze had finally been contained.

The editor of STATter911.com clearly needs to seek out Dave Dodson for some much needed training because he completely missed the signs that there was a major fire still brewing in the walls and ceiling. It appears the blaze is rapidly extending and even Chief Rubin admits it has the potential to cause great damage. 

Right after the last rather civil hearing Phil Mendelson sent a letter to the city’s chief financial officer asking for Chief Rubin to be investigated for failing to live within the department’s budget. Mendelson has been holding monthly hearings on the department’s overtime expenditures in addition to the committee’s regular oversight hearings.

Now STATter911.com has received an email that Chief Rubin has sent to his department outlining some serious overtime cuts in the FY 2011 budget made by Mendelson’s committee. In it the chief explains his views on how things got to this point and provides details on how firefighters and anyone else can sign up to testify at the next overtime hearing, scheduled for Wednesday. Click here to read the entire memo.

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