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It takes a village … to put out a fire. Check out this video from Lebanon City, Pennsylvania.

Firefighter Nation’s Bill Carey posted this one a short time ago. When staffing is short, sometimes there are helping hands.

The first line on this fire last Friday at 233 Walnut Street in Lebanon City, Pennsylvania is stretched to the front door by a police officer. Some of the ladder raising and re-positioning, along with the pulling of the second line and feeding of hose is done by people in civilian clothes. It is unknown if any are off-duty or volunteer firefighters. But there are lot more of them than there are firefighters on the first two rigs.

The good news is the fire seems to go out faster than most.

Here is the description posted on YouTube with the video:

May 14, 2010 — This is a view from engine 15. Working Structure Fire, Tower 18, Engine 15 and 21, Squad 22, Rescue 24, A Platoon, Lebanon City, 233 Walnut St, Pa, Lebanon County, Iaff Local 1952

Click here to read more about the fire.

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