Quick Takes

Explosion injures two at Cape Cod house fire: Firefighter Close Calls reports it was a possible smoke explosion in Sandwich, Massachusetts on Monday that left two firefighters with injuries. Captain Jim Huska of the Sandwich Fire Department goes further telling WCVB-TV, “A back draft occurred in the attic of the house that actually blew part of the roof off the house, and it blew two of our firefighters out of the house through the deck railing.”  The closest of three Sandwich fire stations was closed due to budget cuts. Huska reports the two firefighters were inside the house alone and believes the delay in putting water on the fire was an important factor in the explosion. Huska says Firefighter Lee Burril has a badly fractured ankle and Firefighter Daniel Keane broke his neck and back.   Click here for a series of pictures at CapeCodFD.com showing the extensive damage to the house caused by the violent explosion (check out all four pages). There was a rekindle of the house fire last night.

Train delays water rescue operation: WUSA9.com’s Kurt Brooks has the video and the story from Frederick County, Maryland as crews try to make their way to a kayaker struggling  in the Potomac River Monday morning. A CSX train got between rescuers and the boat ramp on the other side of the tracks. Here’s the story.

DCFD.com has a series of photos by Elliot Goodman from yesterday's two-alarm fire at a tire business along the railroad tracks in the 1300 block of New York Avenue, NE. Click the image for more. Also, check the video player to the right for an interview with PIO Pete Piringer about the fire.

Oh the days dwindle down to a precious few:  You have to be really old to get that musical reference (I don’t even think Firegeezer will get it). As I wrap up my final week in broadcasting (why doesn’t he just leave quietly?), the raid on the archive room continues. Among my favorites is one I posted yesterday from a 1987 snow in Prince George’s County. Nothing spectacular, but it includes a lot of old friends. Also, a 1985 house fire from Arlington. If you missed any of the old videos just click here to find them all on one page. There will be more added over the next few days. 

Not from the STATter911.com ArchivesA nicely shot 1958 film from a fire in a Salt Lake City department store.

Two fine Memorial Day stories: The first is a wonderful story about a New Haven deputy chief who watched a History Channel documentary on World War II and spotted a four second film clip of the father of one of his firefighters. Check it out.

The second is a Washington Post look at the Army’s Old Guard at Ft. Meyer in Virginia. The article features Sgt. Nicholas Pata who is also a volunteer firefighter in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Click here.

Thunderstorm prevents firefighter/paramedic/Army Reservist’s moment in the sun: Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Burleson, who is also a Waukegan firefighter/paramedic, was to have introduced President Obama yesterday at a Memorial Day ceremony in Illinois. Lightning prompted the President to urge everyone to head to their cars instead of listening to his speech. Here’s the story.

Fire chief to  councilman – “I WILL NOT put the safety of my firefighters and officers, nor the citizens of Jersey City, in jeopardy for a few dollars. Secondly, you have no clue what you are talking about!”: Jersey City Chief Michael J. O’Reilly fires back at Councilman Steven Fulop who is critical of the management structure of the department after the promotion of five captains to battalion chiefs. Read the chief’s letter to the editor. Here’s the original story. Scroll down for yesterday’s four-alarm fire in Jersey City that left six firefighters injured.

Macon history: Firegeezer has the story of the anniversary of the deaths of three Macon, Georgia firefighters. They were killed when their new pumper wrecked 100 years ago. It is quite an interesting read.

911 nurse: USA Today looks at the program by Louisville Metro EMS where a nurse is dealing with some of the low priority calls and trying to better evaluate the EMS needs of the patient. Another effort to reduce the strain on the ambulance service and the hospital emergency department. Click here to read the details.

The fire experts take in the VW dealer fire: There is early video from a fire at what is said to be the oldest Volkswagen dealership in the United States. It is located in Beverly, Massachusetts. To me what is more interesting is the running commentary by the photographer and another bystander. Click here to watch and listen.

SConFire.com back up and running: Grant Mishoe reports the premiere South Carolina fire blog is again in service. Check it out.

Rescue in Rochester: Fireground audio and interviews after a Rochester, New York firefighter brings a mother and infant son to safety from their burning home. Here’s our coverage.

Baltimore’s Novack comes to court to meet two women: Last Thursday Baltimore City Firefighter Jeff Novack was in court where he saw the woman accused of setting the fire that forced Novack to bail out of a third floor window. Also at the courthouse was the elderly woman Firefighter Novack rescued from that fire. Here’s the story.

Jersey City fire leaves 6 firefighters injured: News reports indicate one of the six firefighters ran out of air and had to be helped from the two burning structures on Belmont Avenue during the four-alarm fire on Monday. One was a six-family building and the other was a two-family home. Read more.