Rescue video from Mount Rainier National Park. Man trapped in SUV in Nisqually River.

From KOMO-TV/CNN via

An SUV plunged down an embankment and into the frigid Nisqually River on Saturday inside Mount Rainier National Park – but the driver made it out alive, thanks to the quick actions of strangers.

Witnesses said a silver Pathfinder was heading down a road along the river about a mile from Longmire when it suddenly left the roadway and crashed into the strong current, swollen with snowmelt.

Anton Engleman and his buddies were among the first on the scene. They were riding down the road on their motorcycles when they saw the tracks leading off the road, down the steep embankment and into the water.

They heard that someone was still in the vehicle and jumped in the river to rescue him without a second thought.

He jumped into the roaring current and saw the driver inside the Pathfinder.

“When I went in there and looked in the back, he didn’t look so good,” Engleman said.

The current was so strong the man was stuck in his seatbelt and couldn’t move. But Engleman and others at the scene were able to get one of the doors open, and Engleman cut the seatbelt, freeing the man inside.

Meanwhile, a trained National Park rescue team also had arrived at the scene.

Finally they were able to get the man out – so many hands helping to guide him to safety.