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Resusci-Annie move over Part 2: The Heimlich Maneuver never looked better.

My fellow bloggers at Raising Ladders and The Fire Critic beat me to Part 1 of this highly educational life saving series where CPR is being taught in a way that surely will grab the public’s attention (the video below). Above is Part 2, featuring the Heimlich Maneuver.

My friend Frank Field, who in 1971 first put Henry Heimlich on WNBC-TV in New York explaining this then brand new technique to save a choking victim, probably didn’t have the advantage of models like this. Even without being so bold, Frank almost lost his job just for sharing this way to save a life with his TV audience (some doubting medical professionals had the ear of top NBC brass).

Frank lobbied hard to get the State of New York to require restaurants to post instructions. Years later sportscaster Warner Wolf used the Heimlich Maneuver to save Frank who was choking in a Manhattan restaurant. When Frank asked Warner where he learned the procedure, Warner told him, “From watching you on TV”.

At 88, Frank is still working hard on life saving issues, pitching his wonderful video Fire Is to a wider audience. Through the years he received many letters that his work in promoting the Heimlich Maneuver saved lives.

Now maybe the two people in this video will someday hear that lives were saved because of their demonstration to a new generation on the Internet.

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