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Dave & Rhett survived Day 1. Come referee at the Firegeezer/STATter911 booth in Baltimore. And some serious business.

That’s me on the left trying to bring some class to the Firefighter Netcast. Rhett Fleitz is on the right and yes, he is standing up. Picture taken by Geezer.

I have been up all night reading the laws in Baltimore, but barring a quick eviction process I will have to spend another day in a crowded  booth with the crew from Firefighter Netcast. For some reason Firegeezer Bill Schumm invited these virtual vagabonds to join our booth in Baltimore (I am starting to suspect these are just some scam artists who target the elderly).

So basically I am subsidizing this outfit. And how do they show their gratitude? One of this dynamic duo, Rhett the Boy Wonder, spends the day alternately giving me grief and begging me to be on his show.

I did a guest appearance yesterday in an interview with Lt. Tony Carroll of the DC Fire & EMS Department. If it will keep Rhett quiet I will join them again today along with PGFD’s Mark Brady. It could be an interesting interview probing the relationship between PGFD and I say could be because Rhett will probably ask Mark, “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be”. Thank goodness for Fire Daily’s John Mitchell who brings some sense to this operation.

Of course, also at the booth Firegeezer, FossilMedic Mike Ward and lots of visitors.

At 2:00 I will be able to make my escape for a while for some serious business. That’s when the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation rolls out its new Behavioral Health Initiative at the adjacent Hilton (Johnsons Rooms A & B). If you haven’t heard the way to help firefighters who have dealt with potentially traumatic events is changing. Come join us and find out the details. You can read more about it here.

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