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Fireground audio & video from house fire in Buffalo. Watch firefighter tangle with downed power line.

Video above from Don Murtha III, Erie County Fire Wire.

Click here for fireground audio from Erie County Fire Wire

WGRZ-TV video & chief’s description of the fire (and video of firefighter moving power line)

This fire on Goodyear Avenue is at the same house where police responded Saturday morning for the death of a 63-year-old woman. The cause of her death is undetermined. According to news reports, investigators believe someone tossed a firebomb into the house around 2:30 this morning. Two firefighters and a pregnant woman rescued by firefighters were hospitalized. 

Firefighters also had to deal with a water supply issue and wires down in the street in front of the house. At 3:27 in the YouTube video there is arcing just off camera as a firefighter attempts to move the wire. You can see this more clearly at 1:10 in the WGRZ-TV video. A still frame is below.

Here’s more from WGRZ-TV:

As crews attacked the flames, 43 year old Antoinette Ingram was spotted in an upstairs window. Crews pulled her to safety and she was taken to ECMC. Ingram, who is five months pregnant, suffered smoke inhalation and is currently listed in serious condition.

According to the Department of Public Works, the hydrant in question was determined to be in working order. Now the fire department is checking to see if the water issue may have been caused by some of their own equipment.

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