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Firefighter's cell phone video of pit bull shooting helps cop. Doesn't do much for firefighter.

Watch the story from WPBF-TV

It is against policy to pull out the camera on the job but a St. Lucie County, Florida firefighter’s cell phone video is being used as evidence to support a cop’s decision to shoot a pit bull. Fort Pierce Police released the video yesterday to WPBF-TV. The TV station edited out the actual shooting but left in the laughter and some comments of the firefighters who watched the drama unfold while trapped in their rig. Some of the words used by the firefighters were bleeped.

The TV station reports the firefighter with the cell phone camera was spoken to about the violation of department policy, but no disciplinary action has been taken. As for the wounded dog, the penalty was a bit more harsh. It was put down and tested for rabies.

In a statement, St. Lucie County Fire Chief Ron Parrish addressed the issue of the laughter and comments from the firefighters saying, “It’s a reaction to the situation. We don’t condone the comments, but it’s a reaction.”

Here’s more from WPBF-TV:

The video shows a pit bull running in the direction of a police officer, the police officer taking a step back and firing a round that grazes the dog’s face.

Police said the dog could not be stopped, even after being stunned twice with a Taser gun.

“We had rescue workers trapped inside their vehicle and a Comcast vehicle with a worker inside fearful to step out, ” said Capt. Gregory Kirk. “It was a menace and a threat. So the officer’s actions were appropriate and actually commendable for him to react so quickly.”

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