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Fire, explosions & toxic waste. Watch the video from Saturday night's fire in Kelowna, B.C.

There were lots of fireworks in Kelowna, British Columbia Saturday night. You will find some of the more visual explosions in the middle video.

The fire is out but the problem has not been solved. There is toxic runoff from the large blaze that has contaminated the area around the building, nearby Mill Creek and a few back yards.  Kelowna Fire Department Chief Jason Brolund summed it up this way to BCLocal.com:

“A major point of concern exists around the types of materials being stored in the building, including a welding supply, irrigation supply and agricultural supply warehouse. A volatile mix of explosive materials combined with fertilizers and pesticides have burnt, hence the need for the evacuation and ongoing concern regarding water contamination due to firefighting water than has runoff from the scene.”

The only reported injury is to a firefighter who suffered smoke inhalation. He has been treated and released.

The glow in the sky and the numerous explosions brought out the crowds. The blasts did not deter some of the onlookers. In the video below police try to move the people away from the burning building. Wonder how they feel now that they know they were likely standing in toxic waste.

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