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A 9-11 reader: Fire & EMS websites pause to remember.

Above is a video reflection about September 11, 2001 by our friend Chief Bobby Halton, one of many remembrances and articles at FireEngineering.com. Below, we take a scan of the fire service media on the web to see how some other sites are honoring those we lost nine-years-ago today.

Some thoughts from Firegeezer and FossilMedic.

Firehouse.com has a tribute page.

At Firehouse Zen the focus is religion.

The Company Officer has a column titled Honor and Remembrance.

The Happy Medic looks at the work of Medic 49 Victor and the loss of Paramedic Carlos Lillo.

At Backstep Firefighter a reminder this day is not about us.

Firefighter Basics has a video tribute.

Another video at Command Safety.

The topic at A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver is heroism.

Firefighter Blog has an account of the day by FDNY’s Tom Dunn.

At ChiefReasonArt.com some words on observing 9-11.

Life Under the Lights looks at a relevant previous column.

Firefighter Spot has a 9-11 timeline posted.

Remembering Providence looks back.

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