Video: NYPD chopper down in Jamaica Bay. Reported emergency landing.

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Listening to this since just before 4:00 pm it sounds like all on board walked off the chopper about 50 feet off shore. Six ambulances were requested. Fire department operations seem to be winding down.


An NYPD helicopter made an emergency landing in Jamaica Bay this afternoon

It was believed that six officer were on the chopper, but fire officials said everyone on board was accounted for and okay.

The helicopter was near Floyd Bennett Field’s NYPD Aviation base when it made the water landing near the base’s pad, witnesses said. Emergency floatation devices were seen activated.

From WCBS Radio:

All Officers on board are said to be ok.  NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told WCBS 880 that one person sustained minor injures.

The helicopter was reportedly coming in for a landing at the aviation base at Floyd Bennett Field when the emergency landing occurred.

Police confirmed that flotation devices needed to be activated during the incident.