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Six-alarm Toronto high-rise apartment fire injures at least 14. Raw video & details.

Run down of units from Toronto Fire Service Communications Centre

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Three firefighters are among at least 14 people hurt at a six-alarm high-rise fire in Toronto that began around 5:00 pm yesterday on the 24th floor of a residential building at 200 Wellesley St. E. More than three-hours later flames were again seen coming from a the building. At 11:00 Toronto Fire Chief Bill Stewart told reporters “We’re winning the war on this one”. Here are excerpts from an article at ctvtoronto.ca:

Stewart said one firefighter suffered a concussion, another was burned and a third suffered smoke inhalation. At least 10 had to be treated for heat exhaustion.

Stewart also said he had to order a complete evacuation of the building because he “can’t guarantee the integrity of the structure.”

At 8:30 p.m., when it seemed progress has been made, bright orange flames could be seen in the bedroom of one unit on the 23rd floor. By 10 p.m., firefighters appeared to have knocked the flames mostly down.

Stewart said “extreme fuel loading” in one apartment made the fire very difficult to fight. They rotated crews in from all over the city, he said.

The firefighters say this has been one of the “hottest,” most deep-seated fires they have ever fought, he said.

This is supposedly a time lapse video of the fire. I am not clear how this came about or if it is real.

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