A must listen: Talk show host Matt Williams takes on "fake firemen". POV response in Gilmer, Texas brings tirade about volunteers.

 Click here to listen to tirade by Matt Williams (starts at about 5 minute mark)

NOTE: Mr. Williams was not on his radio show this morning & indications on his Facebook page are that he has been taken off the air 

Talk show host Matt Williams was in Gilmer, Texas and found himself face-to-face with some volunteer firefighters apparently responding in their POVs. Williams had some big concerns about their driving and the use of emergency equipment on the vehicles. Both legitimate questions and issues worth discussion. We’ve discussed them here.

But listening to Mr. Williams you have to wonder if somewhere in his history his house burned down because the local fire department didn’t show up or possibly a volunteer firefighter stole his woman when he was a teenager. Starting at the five-minute mark Williams talks about everything from incest to the work ethic of volunteers.

Trust me, you will want to hear this.

Clearly Matt Williams is to volunteers what Connie Xinos is to career firefighters (and then some).

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