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Quick Takes

 Helmet cam in PA: This is decent quality helmet-cam video from a two-alarm house fire on Monday at 2902 Reading Road in South Whitehall Township. Click here for the outside view from

The Rube says naked firefighter investigation has broadened significantly: DC’s fire chief tells WTOP Radio’s Neal Augenstein that a firefighter is on enforced leave after an incident over the summer following a retirement party at Engine 11. That’s when the firefighter, off-duty at the time, was photographed cooking breakfast in the firehouse kitchen trying not to burn his sausage. Click here for the latest.

They may be playing your song, but it is not music to their ears: Firefighters in Williamsport, Maryland are the latest to get an earful about their house siren. It sits atop City Hall and neighbors aren’t too fond of it. The noise scares the quests at a nearby bed and breakfast (if I stayed there I would think it added to the charm of the town). The fire chief says despite technological advances it is still needed. Read more.

Firefighters describe close call: More from the large apartment building fire we showed you yesterday in Fargo, ND. The two firefighters separated after a collapse tell their story. Check it out.

Firefighter thought two-hour search of sewer system would be a recovery, but it wasn’t: A pretty amazing story from Raymore, Missouri where a worker traveled almost a mile-and-a-half through the sewer system before being rescued. Check out the details and an interview with the firefighter who made the rescue.

Not sure the bar will be doing a thank you video: You may recall our recent posting of a nice video from a Clermont County, Ohio firm thanking the Union Township Fire Department for saving the company’s headquarters building after a fire broke out. I don’t think the department will be getting a similar reception from the owner of a township bar after a brawl between two biker clubs broke out. Police say in the middle of it, carrying a handgun, was a Union Township firefighter. reports that firefighter has had some recent department issues

Fire in the hole: In this case the hole was one of the tubes of the Ft. McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore. A bus was burning in the middle of rush hour. Here’s the story.

More on Virginia Beach saves: Click here for the press release from Virginia Beach Fire Department Battalion Chief Tim Riley on the child and senior citizen pulled from a burning home early yesterday morning.

Thieves ransack firefighters’ lockers: It happened at a firehouse in Kansas City, Missouri while the firefighters were out. Click here.

The brilliant Firegeezer: Bill has started a category for the stories we have all done illustrating why there will always be “job security” for fire and EMS (why didn’t I think of doing that?). The most recent entry is a motorcycle powered merry-go-round. As you will see it is a brilliant group of guys who invented this. Maybe even more fascinating is the airbag demonstration with a man sitting on the bag as it inflates that he posted in August. As Joe Flaherty and John Candy on SCTV famously said in their roles as Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok, “He blow’d up real good”. See for yourself.


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