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Fireground audio from collapse in Pittsburgh. Two firefighters hurt.

Watch KDKA-TV report

Excerpts from KDKA-TV:

Two firefighters were hurt while battling a row house fire in Pittsburgh’s Homewood section overnight.

The fire started just before 3 a.m. in the 7200-block of Hamilton Avenue near North Homewood Avenue and the three-story unit collapsed shortly afterward.

“We had a fire start down in the basement area and quickly spread all the way to the upper floors and through the roof of the building,” said Deputy Chief Michael Mullen, of the Pittsburgh Fire Bureau.

“We had a building collapse. It kind of happened almost instantaneously,” said Deputy Chief Mullen. “We’ve got two firefighters who are injured. One has a leg injury, one has some injuries to his back and neck, but I don’t know the extent of them yet.”

They happened to be standing where the windows, which had been blown out during the fire, were located. Officials say the entire front of the building fell around them.

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