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The naked truth update: Nude firefighter/chef not on enforced leave as DC Chief Dennis Rubin told WTOP reporter.

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WTOP Radio's Neal Augenstein has a follow-up to his story on Tuesday about the off-duty DC firefighter who was photographed in July while cooking breakfast while naked in the kitchen at Engine 11:

Three days after D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin said a firefighter photographed naked while cooking eggs in a firehouse had been placed on enforced leave, his spokesman tells WTOP the firefighter has actually never been taken out of active service.

"The chief may have misinterpreted the briefing he had been given," says Pete Piringer, spokesman for D.C. Fire and EMS.

WTOP has learned while Rubin was saying the unidentified firefighter was on enforced leave, the employee was actually at work at a Southeast D.C. firehouse.

Rubin was not immediately available to explain the inaccuracy. Piringer said Rubin was involved in meetings and training sessions.

"The chief apparently misinterpreted the briefing he received from the assistant chief of operations, who oversees internal affairs," says Piringer.

During Tuesday's initial interview in Rubin's office, Deputy Chief Kenneth Crosswhite and Piringer were also present.

This is one of those reputation management type of stories that has been seen far and wide. This is from a TV website in Boston.

WTOP initially reported the firefighter had been suspended, which was incorrect. The firefighter's status was corrected after Crosswhite explained the employee was on enforced leave.

Crosswhite tells WTOP he did not learn the firefighter was not on enforced leave until Wednesday. Asked why he or a representative hadn't attempted to correct the reports, Crosswhite said, "I don't know."

Part of the confusion may be because of an ongoing internal affairs investigation. The identity of an employee involved in an investigation is not disclosed in order to protect their right to due process.

Asked if there was another case of a nude cooking firefighter, Piringer answered, "I sure hope not."

In July, the off-duty firefighter, was reportedly cooking eggs in the nude while in a common area after returning from a nearby bar. Earlier, the firefighter attended a retirement party in the firehouse.

Sources say the firefighter was transferred after the incident was reported.

Piringer says the investigation into the incident is ongoing.


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