UPDATED Friendly fire: Restaurant in Norwich, Connecticut heavily damaged.


Story from the Norwich Bulletin

Norwich Bulletin photo gallery from Aaron Flaum

Click the image for more photos of the fire by Aaron Flaum of the Norwich Bulletin.
Yesterday morning fire broke out at the Friendly’s on West Main Street in Norwich, Connecticut. From James Craven at the Norwich Bulletin

East Great Plain Fire Chief Patrick Daley said firefighters found the fire in the building’s attic, where it moved horizontally across the structure. 

Firefighters with axes and power saws cut holes in the roof as flames shot through the crown of the building. Other firefighters made their way into the smoke-filled structure. 

“The most damage from the fire was in the attic,” said Daley, who said he did not consider the fire suspicious. “The main problem was getting firefighters up through the ceiling and into the attic.” 

I don’t know if this a trend and Friendly’s is becoming the Dollar Store of the restaurant business (see Firegeezer) but a month earlier, on October 2, a Friendly’s burned to the bround in Concord, New Hampshire. The aftermath is below. Click here to read and watch more about that fire

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