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Image issues: King George, Virginia residents complain about actions of Charles County, Maryland firefighters. Officials say there is plenty of blame to go around at September fire.

Video from dash-cam in the vehicle of King George County Sheriff’s Deputy Timothy Lyons shows the September 20th fire. The video was played at a town hall meeting on Thursday evening.

Charles County, Maryland chiefs respond to allegations

Excerpts from an article by Cathy Dyson at Fredericksburg.com:

While a five-alarm fire blazed in King George County in September, some firefighters danced around and played on a rescue stretcher, gave each other high-fives and rode a pink scooter across the lawn, according to King George Fire and Rescue officials.

“The conduct was atrocious,” said Floyd Allen, the department’s safety officer.

The behavior of the firefighters is one of many problems cited at a town hall meeting last night to discuss the incident.

King George fire officials say they believe the firefighters acting irresponsibly had responded from Maryland. No Maryland firefighters attended the meeting.

Residents raised concerns about why King George has to rely on units from Charles County, Md. They also wondered why King George doesn’t have enough paid and volunteer workers to get trucks out to the scene, and why that incident was so poorly managed.

Fire and Rescue Chief David Moody told more than a dozen people in the audience he had the same concerns they did. He spoke openly–and critically–of the actions of the Maryland firefighters and admitted his own personnel didn’t follow protocol.

“King George folks are at fault, too, absolutely,” said Moody, who wasn’t on the call but has interviewed firefighters and residents. “Most of the people I talked to said it just looked like nobody was in control.”

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