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South Carolina search & rescue dog Casey shot multiple times. K9 from the Croft Fire Department in Spartanburg hit by more than 100 pellets.


On Sunday at the Croft Fire Department in Spartanburg, firefighters discovered something was wrong with their dog, Casey.

They say she was acting lethargic and wouldn’t get up.

They took her veterinary emergency clinic, where staff there discovered she had been shot.

Lewis Hayes, the chief at the Croft Fire Department says, “She’s trained to try and find people that are possibly lost, whether it’s a small child or an adult.”

Now she is put on medical leave, after someone shot her with a bird shot gun over the weekend, hitting her with over 100 pellets.

Chief Hayes tells us people have complained about Casey’s barking in the past, which he says could have been a motive for the shooter.

“We bought a collar that is used to help her stop barking and then at night here at the station we have critters that she barks at so we would bring her in at night,” says Hayes. 

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