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Video: Long Island restaurant fire. Later arriving ladder severs LDH while trying to get into position.

Firefighter Spot (check out Jason’s redesigned blog) first posted this one from Valley Stream on Long Island. It’s a fire in the Inatome Japanese Steakhouse on October 31. At 7:45 in the video a later arriving ladder tries to get into position near the building but takes out the LDH for a tower ladder already operating.

There also a close call earlier in the operation according to the Long Island Herald’s Andrew Hackmack:

Fire Chief Joseph Fernandez said that the department received a call shortly after 2:15 p.m., and the first firefighters to arrive found heavy smoke. When they entered the restaurant, they discovered that much of the interior was already engulfed in flames.

Fernandez said that they tried to fight the fire from inside, but after two firefighters went missing, the plan changed. The two firefighters were OK, he said, but were briefly lost in the heavy smoke in the front of the restaurant. Once they were located, Fernandez decided to battle the blaze from the outside.

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