Paramedics testify the were disciplined for telling the truth about Detroit EMS to TV crew. Wisam Zeineh & Richard Cadoura say they are whistleblowers. Watch the story that got them in trouble.

A report that aired on WJBK-TV resulted in discipline for two Detroit paramedics. The pair, Wisam Zeineh and Richard Cadoura, told the Detroit City Council last night the Detroit Fire Department piled charges on top of relatively minor infractions that the video showed when reporter/columnist Charlie LeDuff rode around with the crew. Zeineh and Cadoura say they are whistleblowers and the charges really stem from them speaking the truth about the state of EMS in Detroit.

 Here’s more from last night’s report:

Zeineh got in trouble for smoking.

“They didn’t charge me with violating the smoking policy. They charged me with neglect of duty, wanton and willful neglect of my duty as a paramedic to protect the public by smoking a cigarette,” he said.

“I’ve been disciplined with not having my shirt tucked in. One of the charges that I received was prior to coming on to duty when I was on my own personal time,” said Cadoura.

A lawyer for the city cautioned council members to limit their discussion about the EMS workers complaints because of possible legal implications.

Council members listened to the paramedics, but did not comment on their accusations.

Asked for comment, FOX 2 received no immediate response from Detroit’s fire commissioner.

Below is the story that got the paramedics in trouble.