A twofer from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania: Video of burning ambulance. Plus University rugby teams trash fire department banquet hall.


The ambulance fire above occurred at the headquarters of Columbia Medical Transport on Hospital Drive in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania at 4:10 Friday morning.  

Click the image to see the damage to the Bloomsburg Fire Department banquet hall.
Researching this video sent me to the site BloomUToday.comwhere I found another interesting fire/EMS related story. Bloomsburg is a college town in Columbia County, 40 miles Southwest of Wilkes Barre. It seems Bloomsburg University’s intramural Rugby teams very recently rented the hall at the Bloombsurg Fire Department. Firefighters soon discovered that the rugby players had one hell of a party. Here’s the description posted today on BloomUToday.com:  

Partiers spilled red fruit punch all over the banquet hall floor leaving almost every inch a sticky mess. The fruit punch along with spilled beer, vomit, and urine in some areas made for a disgusting scene. Partygoers also managed to get in the kitchen area and open several boxes of frozen food some of which was kicked around the floor. Holes were also punched in several walls including in the men’s bathroom and chairs and tables were also broken. Partiers also left sport jackets, jewelry, women’s shoes, and playing cards were among items found. All the mayhem was captured on surveillance video and turned over to Bloomsburg police.  

A Bond transportation bus driver also called to report the theft of a wheel chair from the Fire Department when he picked up the partiers to bring them back to the downtown area, according to fire department officials.