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A social media policy from the anti-social Dave Statter. Plus CSI – Roanoke & more.

CSI – Roanoke; Special Blogs Unit

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Rhett finds some very interesting photos of Dave

The Iron Fireman just fuels the fire

Backstep Firefighter as the carnival barker

Our friends at including Backstep Firefighter Bill Carey and Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz have been running something called a blog carnival for a while. Looking at some of the silliness that has been going on in the fire blogosphere of late, a three-ring circus might be a better description. The idea is for a bunch of us write about the same topic and it is all posted together. This is my first carnival but not my first rodeo. lowers its standards. Click the image to lower yours.

This time the goal is for us to come up with a social media policy for our departments. Obviously I don’t have a department to write a policy for. When I did have a department, more than 30-years-ago, we didn’t have social media, just social diseases. Now we have both. I guess it’s progress that you can blog about your social disease and how you caught it.

I gave the project of coming up with this policy to my crack staff here at’s World Headquarters. The video above is what they came up with.

If you can sit through latest in the back and forth that has taken place between Iron Firemen’s Willie Wines and Rhett (more on that in a second) there are actually some nuggets of useful information (seriously). My top ten suggestions for firefighters using social media are buried somewhere in the video.

You will also find that in many ways the video itself is a good example of why you need to have good social media practices.

Now, for the few who have been following the three-way blog/video conversation that Willie, Rhett and I have been entertaining ourselves with, there is bad news. It has grown. It is now a foursome.

Seriously, what does this guy Fleitz have against me that he would publish these old photos? Have I done something to him?

Art Goodrich has added his mighty pen to this battle of nitwits (you would think he would be smarter than to get involved with us). Art may be the only one who has any real talent. He can actually write.

Please view’s I-Team investigation (did you know there is no “you” in I-Team?) on my running battle with The Fire Cricket (AKA Fireboy from Roanoke, King of the Fire Blogs, Cotton Candy & Willie’s Little Buddy). Art somehow penetrated the security at the World Headquarters Building. You can read what he found at CSI – Roanoke; Special Blogs Unit

I have prepared an official response to this absolutely scurrilous report. Here is my statement:

It has come to our attention that a blogger who goes by the name Chief Reason Art has made some allegations about our operation. We are distressed that a former fire chief and respected member of the fire service community would print what amount to lies and innuendo. At the advice of legal counsel we will not be able to provide specifics about any of these allegations and will have no further comment on this matter.

These assaults on me are coming from many different directions (including my own people). The video below (from’s Willie Wines) was apparently shot in an emergency department in Roanoke. It includes someone they claim is me standing over a gurney carrying an apparently unconscious fire blogger.  You will have to view it to get the full context.

And finally The Fire Cricket checks in from Roanoke. He has uncovered two pictures from my past that I am sure my enemies (and there are many) will enjoy seeing. I really don’t understand why this guy Fleitz is after me. Seriously, what have I done to tick him off?

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