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Raw video & fireground audio: Two back-to-back Buffalo, New York house fires.

 All video by Chris Robinson, posted to YouTube at metztruck6

Fireground audio from Eagle Street via Erie County Fire Wire

Fireground audio from Buffum Street via Erie County Fire Wire

More video & pictures from Erie County Fire Wire

There were two house fires in two different sections of Buffalo, New York early this morning 16 minutes apart. The first, in the video above, was at 819 E. Eagle Street at 4:22 AM. The fire heavily damaged a vacant home.

The second fire was at 56 Buffum Street at 4:38 AM. That video is in two parts.


It happened shortly after 4:30am Monday. Firefighters say a woman and two teenagers live in the upper floor apartment. A man and woman live on the ground floor. Everyone got out safely.

“I went to bed because I had to be to work at six,” said Joann Wiedricht, who lives in the bottom floor on the house. “And he [her husband] said I smell smoke and he jumped out of bed and all the sudden they’re banging on my door and said get out, get out, get out.”

Firefighters intially had trouble with water pressure in the area which delayed putting the blaze out.

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