Must see video: Collapse & small explosions at Stroud Township, Pennsylvania truck parts store. Water supply & hunting season cited as issues.

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This is a fire from yesterday morning on West Main Street in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The video is NOT in chronological order. It shows a couple of small explosions at the :08 point and then at :48 there is a wall collapse. There were no injuries.

Nine residents lived in the four apartments above Cypher Truck Parts. Here are excerpts from the Pocono Record’s article by Andrew Scott:

Fewer available volunteers due to the opening day of hunting season, low water pressure and exploding combustibles were among the challenges firefighters faced in battling a fire that destroyed a prominent Stroud Township business Monday.

Image from Pocono Record video

Stroud Township, Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg and Pocono Township firefighters, along with ambulance crews, began arriving as Stroud Area Regional and fire police closed that section of West Main to non-emergency traffic.

“We’ve gotta hit the interior and then attack the roof,” one fire officer told another.

The fire at first seemed manageable and contained to the front apartment where it had started. But, as the morning wore on, it became clear the fire had spread beyond that apartment to the rest of the upper level as flames shot through the roof and smoke began pouring out of windows in the rear.

A firefighter appeared through one of the rear upper-level windows and began yelling for fellow volunteers to bring a ladder around back.

“Watch those wires,” another firefighter shouted when the top of the ladder almost touched one of the power lines to the building.

“One thing working against us is that the water mains in this part of town are older and give lower water pressure,” (Stroud Township Fire Chief Dave) Smalley said at one point.