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Fireground audio from Baltimore City 5th-alarm courtesy of AlertPage.net. Plus new video from fire that damaged "The Block" & threatened Baltimore City Fire Department Headquarters.

 AlertPage.net’s recording of the first 90 minutes of fire at 404 East Baltimore Street

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Fire apparatus photos from the fifth-alarm

AlertPage.net has captured the first 90 minutes of the five-alarm fire today on “The Block” in Baltimore. The fire broke out in a building across a narrow alley from Baltimore City Fire Department Headquarters at 401 East Fayette Street. On the audio you can hear Car 2, Operations Chief Donald Heinbuch initially call for the box to be struck in the 400 block of East Baltimore Street and reporting people trapped.

Photo by Stanley J. Jaworski. See more of Stanley’s photos of apparatus on the fifth-alarm at FireTruckBlog.com.

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