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Just squeeze me: An interesting look at new apparatus & old buildings on FireTruckBlog.com.

Read more at FireTruckBlog.com by Glenn Usdin

Many years ago I gave a speech at a fire department banquet in Virginia. It was my first visit inside this fire hall. One of the things I noticed immediately was the ladder truck and how it fit into its bay. It was clear to me the only way this truck was leaving the building is if the tillerman ducked on his way out. I’m not exaggerating. I believe I even cracked a joke that night about a friend of mine who was rather short being assigned as permanent tillerman. (See Rhett it isn’t just you. I’m a regular Randy Newman, but without talent).

How fire departments adapt new, large rigs into old, smaller firehouses has caught the attention of the mainstream press. Specifically the Boston Globe. Check out FireTruckBlog.com which is featuring that article today.

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