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News photographer captures flashover that injures three firefighters. Watch the video from Kansas City, Missouri.

Click the image above for the video by a KCTV-TV photographer

BackStepFirefighter.com’s Bill Carey (Check out Bill’s updated his post) alerts us to the video above shot around 5:00 this morning by a television news photographer. Three Kansas City, Missouri firefighters were hurt when the flashover occurred as they attempted to make the stairs of a home in the 5600 block of Holmes Road. Chief Smokey Dyer told KMBC-TV the firefighters are doing very well but,”There’s no doubt we had a serious near-miss this morning and we could have ended up with multiple firefighters seriously injured or killed.”

Here’s more from KMBC-TV:

When they arrived, flames were coming from the first and second story of the house, firefighters said.

Kansas City Fire Chief Smokey Dyer said crews went inside and started to go up the stairs, when conditions inside the house suddenly changed. He said it burned the fire hose and left the firefighters completely surrounded by flames. The firefighters sent out a mayday call for help, Dyer said.

Dyer said there may have been a flashover in the home, but that he couldn’t say that definitively until there had been a full investigation. A flashover happens when an area of a fire suddenly ignites.

“In the past 10 years, every significant firefighter injury that we have sustained in fire combat has been a result of a rapid change of conditions,” Dyer said.

He said one of the firefighters had his mask dislodged while leaving the house and inhaled smoke and heat. Two others suffered minor injuries inside the house and all three were taken to Research Medical Center for treatment. Dyer said he expected all three to be released from the hospital some time on Saturday.

Watch raw interview with Kansas City Fire Chief Smokey Dyer

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