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Fairfax City Fire Department first in the region with virtual medical bracelets.

From Amy Leone, WUSA9.com:

Many people like City of Fairfax (VA) resident Susan Thompson have complicated medical histories and keeping track of that history can be hard, especially in a time of distress.

A new technology allows Susan to carry her medical history, complete with a list of her latest medications on a small key fob and a card right next to her driver’s license. The system is called “invisible bracelet.”

Invisible bracelet is an electronic health registry that allows the end user to keep their own information up to date and allows EMS providers an easy way to access that information in the field, says Alex Fitch EMS Lieutenant for the City of Fairfax Fire Department.

The City of Fairfax has started this new program and describes it as a win-win situation for both the patient and EMS personnel.

In a medical emergency, trauma, or accident, victims may be dazed and confused, or unconscious. But the database can tell first-responders all they need to know, including how to reach a family member.

Lt. Fitch says, “When we arrive we take that pin number enter it in to a secure website that will then show us everything they have inputted.”

The virtual bracelets are for any age and signing up is simple. There is an online program where you add your medications, medical conditions and emergency contacts.

“It also has a nice added benefit that allows us to click on a button that will contact emergency contacts that they have predefined either via email or text enable device and we will tell them which destination facility we are going to, Lt. Fitch tells us.

And for 68-year-old Susan having virtual emergency back up offers freedom, “I don’t stay at home because I do have a lot of medical conditions and I have learned if you want to do things you have to do things.”

Only the City of Fairfax in our area has launched the invisible bracelet program, they want to expand it in Fairfax County and through the region.

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