Animated Comments Christmas Edition.

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On Christmas Eve, when not a creature was supposed to be stirring, our staff was working overtime at the World Headquarters Building to keep you entertained. They tell me they like it when I push them to do their best, even on the holidays.

I am headed out of town for the day. My employees left me a message that they have cooked up an entertaining Christmas feature for you with a very special guest. I will see it when I get back. So sit back and relax and enjoy the holiday movie above. My guess is it will soon be a classic up there with It’s a Wonderful Life and Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story.

To all of you who read this rag, and especially those working today, a very happy and safe holiday season.

My special holiday card below was created by’s Captain Willie Wines and features his close personal friend, The Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz.