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Baltimore City Firefighter/Paramedic Jeffrey Novack back to work. Cleared for duty nine-months after injuries during rescues at an apartment fire.

May story with Firefighter/Paramedic Jeffrey Novack and Lucille Ziglier.

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IAFF Local 734 website

After almost nine months Firefighter/Paramedic Jeffrey Novack has been cleared for full duty by the Baltimore City Fire Department. Novack, from Truck 12, was critically injured, with burns and broken bones, during an April fire at an apartment building next to the firehouse on Liberty Heights Avenue. The good news came today from Baltimore Firefighters, IAFF Local 734. Here’s the message:

IAFF Local 734 photo of Jeffrey Novack's Christmas visit with Lucille Ziglier.

Novack was seriously injured battling a northwest Baltimore apartment fire on April 7, 2010. He pulled one victim, Ms Lucille Ziglier, from the third floor of the building, through the fire, and onto safety. Knowing there were still more people inside, he immediately turned her care over to Paramedics and returned to continue searching. There he located another victim on the third floor. While assisting the victim, Novack became trapped by fire and was forced to jump out of a third story window. He spent many weeks in Shock Trauma undergoing several surgeries. He was then transferred to the Bayview burn center for burn care.

After some fire and medical refresher training, and upon receipt of his new fire gear, FFPM Novack will return to the front lines, protecting the Citizens of Baltimore from his station, Truck Company No. 12 at 3906 Liberty Heights Avenue.

 Welcome back Jeffrey!

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