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Fire chief fails CPAT: Typical reporter's negative spin on PGFD's Marc Bashoor's completion of course.

Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department Acting Chief Marc Bashoor vowed to complete the Candidates Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and he did. That promise came a little more than a month ago when, a week into his new job, Chief Bashoor visited the test site as candidates competed for a job with the department. Today was the day that the chief returned to the test facility in Anne Arundel County and went through the course. In addition, he did so as Chief Spokesman Mark Brady followed him with video and still cameras.

Brady’s spin on it as PIO is that the chief kept his promise and completed the course. Now, does the overweight, out of shape, washed-up reporter writing this focus on the fact that a 47 45-year-old man who already retired once from PGFD is showing great leadership stepping up to the plate to even attempt this test of his physical agility? No, the has-been journalist, who would likely need AED intervention after each station on the course, writes a headline saying the Chief Bashoor failed because he finished one-minute and seven-seconds over the allotted 10-minutes and 20-seconds.

From Brady’s press release:

The Fire/EMS Department’s Health and Wellness Coordinator Bill Bussing stated, “It’s not unusual for a participant to not complete the course or not complete in the prescribed time on the initial try, which, is why we allow the candidates several opportunities to practice the course before the actual qualification test.  I was impressed with Fire Chief Bashoor, he did very well for his first time on the course.”

So, congratulations to Chief Bashoor for getting through the course and leaving the facility in the chief’s car and not a medic unit. Knowing the man, I am sure he will finish within the allotted time on his second try. Now that the chief has set this standard, I would love to see a competition between the area chiefs. I will be there with the camera for that one.  

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