Quick Takes: February 7, 2011.

 Illinois house fire: This is from the photographer for the Dwight Fire Department showing a fire Saturday morning.

Ego kills: I have seen this time and time again. A boss with a high profile job and an over-sized ego has a melt down when the news media does a story that is less than positive about the boss or the organization he or she runs. I am pretty certain though, that I’ve never seen one this bad. Of course I am talking, not about a fire chief, but the man who owns the Washington Redskins. Dan Snyder is a great case study on how making PR decisions based on hurt feelings will almost always make things worse. Click here as I take you inside the world of the most hated man in the Nation’s Capital. The trip should provide some valuable lessons.

Automatic aide debate: There is a lively one going on over an article we posted from the Colorado where the closest fire company was not sent to a woman trapped by fire in the basement of her home. Check out the coverage and the comments.

FireTruck Blog.com’s antique of the week: Glenn Usdin’s website is featuring a 1936 ford V-8 from New Zealand. Also, some used fire trucks for sale and lots of apparatus news at FireTruckblog.com.

Big Ikea burns in Israel & someone quickly posts before video to go with the after video: Over the weekend a 21,500 square foot Ikea in Netanya was destroyed by fire. Interesting that, either just before or during the early stages of the hours long fire someone posted video to YouTube of a couple of locations inside the same store. Here’s our coverage.

Other weekend videos: Early video from a fire in Brooklyn; A commerical building with lots of fire in Roosevelt, Utah; Virginia Beach house fire; Woonsocket, Rhode Island house fire; Two-alarm house fire in Allentown, Pennsylvania; Three-alarm fatal fire in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  

Burning tank cars in Ohio: Firegeezer has, as usual, lots of good stuff to read. Click here and scroll down. Also, check out the ethanol tank cars that derailed and burned in Arcadia.

New rules: A house fire where firefighters couldn’t find a woman talking to 911 that occurred a year ago brought new training requirements for firefighter in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. One volunteer chief says he is resigning after decades because the new rules discount his experience and that he would be unable to do the 1000 hours required. Click here

Chiefs to meet and Dave is invited: A reminder that the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Expo & Symposium from the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association is being held February 24-27 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. They are even going to let me speak at the Sunday morning breakfast gathering. Click here for the details and to register.

Smithsonian fire in DC: (More below) WTOP Radio has the picture this morning of the plume rising above Constitution Avenue, Northwest. It turns out to be a fire in a cooling tower for the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. Click here for more.

Let’s get away from it all: That’s what a lot of firefighters in the State of New York did this week. It was the annual winter games on a ski slope. Click here to watch the fun.

Camden, NJ restores some positions, along with reports of possible Philly mutual aid: A property tax levy is expected to allow Camden to rehire 13 of 67 firefighters recently let go. Here’s more. At the same time, the site First In, run by a Philadelphia fire captain, reports that Philadelphia firefighters could be going across the bridge into Camden on mutual aid. The captain isn’t pleased. Click here.

Rio fire has carnival impact: In Rio de Janeiro’s Samba City a fire today has destroyed at least four warehouses where floats and costumes are made for Rio’s carnival celebration. A carnival museum and a school were also destroyed. Read more. Also, more from Firegeezer.

More from Smithsonian fire: It is just a small, detached mechanical building, but the smoke plume attracted a lot of attention this morning  in the Nation’s Capital. One reason is that it is in the federal area downtown. The little building is part of the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. Here are the details. Also, more pictures from the fire at WUSA9.com.