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Bullet narrowly misses firefighter sleeping in Raleigh, North Carolina fire station. Women battling out on the street.

Excerpt from WRAL-TV:

A fight between two women outside a Raleigh fire station on South Saunders Street early Thursday could have ended in tragedy when a bullet went flying into the building, just inches above a sleeping firefighter.

“He was lying in bed asleep, and all of a sudden, he heard this loud sound right behind his head,” Capt. Dale Wall, with Raleigh Fire Station 2, said. “They didn’t really know what had happened until they got up and started looking around and noticed the slug on the floor and noticed the hole through the partition.”

The bullet missed firefighter Will Smith by 6 inches.


Wall told WRAL they think the bullet traveled through the base of the fire station window, over the bed where Smith was sleeping, through the wall next to his bed, then through an open door and down the hallway before ricocheting off a concrete wall.

Smith said he thought a transformer had blown and was shocked to see the bullet hole six inches from where he was sleeping. Smith added that he usually sleeps on his side but wasn’t during the incident. Otherwise, he said he believes he most likely would have been shot.

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