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Fireground audio: Mayday in Fairfax County, Virginia. Firefighter had trouble getting out of basement in Vienna house fire.

Both AlertPage and FirefighterDispatch posted this audio from a two-alarm fire Sunday evening handled by the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department at 206 Oak Street in Vienna, Virginia. A firefighter apparently became separated from her crew in the burning basement of the home and had difficulty finding a means of egress. A mayday was called and it sounds like the RIT quickly found her. The firefighter was uninjured.

The only article I have seen on the fire is from Vienna Patch and I am not sure what to make of some of what is written. The article calls it an electical fire caused by a gas leak in the basement. It also has this about the mayday:

When units first responded, however, dispatchers reported a man down,  repeating “mayday” three times. (Battalion Chief Greg) Bunch said a female firefighter got disoriented by the smell of the gas and separated from the group as they entered into the basement; she evacuated unharmed.

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