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Fireground audio – Mayday in DC: Roof collapse at house fire. FF Charles Ryan is critical. Ryan also Riverdale VFD chief. Four others with burns. Video & new details.

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Message from IAFF Local 36:  Early this morning, five members of the department experienced burns while operating on a house fire at 813 48th place North East and have subsequently been admitted to the Washington Hospital Burn Center. At this time the burn center has limited visitation to family members only to provide the for the members safety. Local 36 will provide more information as it becomes available, and we ask everyone to keep the injured brothers in your thoughts and prayers.

Also from IAFF Local 36: The Washington Hospital Burn Center is asking for volunteers to donate blood to assist with the firefighters that were injured while operating on a house fire at 813 48th Place NE Washington DC.  Members wishing to participate are encouraged to stop by the Blood Services Center at the Washington Hospital Center. The center is located on the first floor of the Hospital Center to the immediate left of the main entry doors.  The center is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8 a.m. thru 4 p.m., as well as Tuesday and Thursday 10 a.m. thru 4 p.m.   Any help is greatly appreciated and we ask everyone to continue to keep the injured members in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE: At 10:35 AM, during the hearing of the Committee on the Judiciary & Public Safety, Council member Phil Mendelson announced the names of four of the five injured firefighters from this morning. The critically injured firefighter is Charles A. "Chucky" Ryan III of Rescue Squad 3 #2, who is also the chief of Riverdale VFD in Prince George's County, Maryland. Also injured were Firefighter Mike Deavers, Rescue Squad 3 #2, Sgt Ramon Hounshell, Rescue Squad 3 #2 and Lt. Robert "Cadillac" Alvarado, Truck 13 #2. Mendelson asked for a moment of silence for the injured firefighters.

EARLIER: DC Fire & EMS Department spokesman Pete Piringer now says five firefighters were hurt, some seriously, during a two-alarm house fire at 813 48th Street, NE. The fire was reported around 12:40 this morning. Three of the firefighters were from Rescue Squad 3 and were caught in the collapse of the roof of the one story, wood frame, single family home. At 7:30 AM Piringer reported one firefighter is in critical condition with significant burns, three with varying degrees of burns have been admitted and one with moderate burns to the ears is expected to be released. All are at the Medstar Burn unit of the Washington Hospital Center.

This audio does include transmissions from another fire.

According to a preliminary account from Piringer, the first units arrived on the scene with heavy fire showing from the roof and rear of the building. The house is considered vacant but neighbors tell firefighters it is sometimes occupied. Piringer says the first arriving engine was making an aggressive interior attack while another engine was protecting an exposure. Rescue Squad 3's crew began a search for occupants. Here is more from Piringer:

Within minutes a partial collapse of the roof occurred forcing heat and debris on top of the search crew. Another crew from T-13 recognized this and called for assistance. Firefighters activated an emergency call followed by a 'Mayday'.

2 firefighters self-rescued and the 3rd was assisted by the 'rapid intervention team' (RIT). A 4th firefighter was injured during the rescue.

The building was evacuated and defensive fire attack was initiated. All firefighters were accounted for. An offensive fire attack was implemented and the fire was 'knocked down' within 10-15 minutes.

DC Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe was on the scene and reported to the hospital along with many DC firefighters and family members. The DC Firefighters Burn Foundation is assisting.

At 1:19 on the video above from WRC-TV you will see the charred PPE from some of the injured firefighters.

Below are the initial updates from Twitter provided by Piringer between about 1:00 to 3:00 AM:

dcfireems dcfireems
813 48th Pl NE – 1 sty single family house – fire showing – house being evacuated. 3 hours ago

dcfireems dcfireems
update – 48th St NE – house on fire – addl fire/ems units requested. 3 hours ago

dcfireems dcfireems
update – 48th St NE – several injured FFs. 3 hours ago

dcfireems dcfireems
Update – 48th St NE – roof collapse – injured firefighters 3 hours ago

dcfireems dcfireems
2nd Alarm – 48th St NE 2 hours ago

dcfireems dcfireems
Update – 48th St NE – 3 FFs evaluated & transported – , 1 priority 1 , 2 Priority 2 to MedStar – 1 more being evaluated 2 hours ago

dcfireems dcfireems
Update – 813 48th St NE – house fire – fire out – total 4 FFs transported to MedStar – 1 Priority 1 serious, 3 Priority 2 1 hour ago

More recent tweets:

dcfireems dcfireems
Update – 48th Pl NE – EMS treated & transported 1 addl FF with burns to WHC, MedStar Burn Unit – Total 5 inj 
(7:08 AM)

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