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Video: Ship burns for third time. Multiple explosions.

This is the third fire for the Faroese factory trawler Athena and apparently its final one. The fire in the 8000 ton ship is at the Faroe Islands port of Runavik where the vessel was undergoing repairs from another fire (its second). The description with the YouTube video says it is carrying 18 tons of ammonia (while under repair?). Evacuations have forced as many as 1500 of the town's residents out of their homes. Ice News (News from the Nordics) reports the following:

There were only three people aboard the ship when it caught fire and all escaped safely. On the other hand, it is believed the ship is now totally beyond repair and with tall flames and regular explosions preventing fire crews from getting near, it is feared the fire could rage for days before Athena finally sinks. It is not yet known how the fire started.

Below is a still frame of the blast that occurs around 4:20 in the video above.

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