Did you miss me? Catching up.

To get us back in the fire news business, here's video from a vacant restaurant fire in Detroit early this morning. It once housed the well known "Rhino Club".

It has been more than 40-hours since my last post to STATter911.com. I think that's the longest I have gone without adding news to the blog since we began more than four years ago. I didn't suddenly take a vacation on a remote island without Internet. The reason, as many of you have noted, is that the whole Fire/EMS Blogs system went down yesterday morning.

I know many of you are probably saying good, it's about time someone shut down this trash heap. We got him off TV and now a year later he is gone from the Internet. Time to celebrate. I don't blame you. I feel the same way about me.

My best guess on why the blog network went down is that Fireboy, just back from his first fire, recently discovered porn and somehow brought a virus into his blog on the same network and it corrupted the whole system. But those who know more about these things than I do (virtually everyone) tell me there was a denial-of-service attack that brought down the servers. I still like my story better.

So, for better or worse, we are back (but there are still some issues causing it to go down every once in a while). 

Now I have some catching up to do. Here's a list and links to some of the stories that we didn't get to while you were gone:

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