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Pre-arrival video: Double-fatal house fire in Logansport, Kentucky. News crew arrives before firefighters.

In Logansport, Kentucky this morning a videographer with the local newspaper reached the scene of a house fire shortly before the first fire truck. Two people were still inside the home. According to C. Josh Givens at the Banner-Republican, the call at 424 Horseshoe Bend Road was dispatched just before 6:00 AM. One of the neighbors on the scene was a former firefighter:

“I knew right away when I saw the smoke, something was not right," said Greg Lack, who served for 22 years as a firefighter with Lewisburg and Russellville Fire Departments in Logan County. “The windows were swelled out when I approached the house, and I called out to anyone inside, but there was no answer. I really wanted to go inside, but with no equipment …"

Firefighters with MFD made entry into the house at 6:17 a.m., and the male victim was pulled from the residence at 6:29 a.m.

Eighty-year-old Homer Elder and 39-year-old Shannon Stampler were both pronounced dead by the Butler County Coroner at 7:03 AM.

Read more details from the Banner-Republican

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