Video: Firefighter in Vancouver gets slugged as distraught Canuck fans go wild.

Check out this video: Same jerk, or his twin, swings at cops

Pollice described them as criminals and anarchists disguised as Canucks' fans. But whatever they were they caused a bit of damage Wednesday night after their team lost  to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Most likely by now you have seen the burning police cars and other vehicles in stories from Vancouver. But have you seen the video above? After a confrontation around a fire truck a fan gets a shot in and connects with the jaw of a firefighter.

More details on the evening's events from news1130.com (the site also has an interview with a fire captain)::

Vancouver firefighters say they were heckled and hit with debris as they tried to work during the riot.

Assistant Operations Chief Wade Pierlot tells us it was a situation his team isn't used to. Several firefighters were hurt; some were accosted and at one point even had to run to safety.

"The angry crowd is something we're not exposed to very often," says Pierlot. "(It is) certainly not a firefighter's way of being treated. It was new to many of us, a new experience for us. We also had rocks and bottles thrown at our trucks."

Pierlot adds getting to problem areas was hard because of crowds, but he thanks the many people who pushed garbage bin or dumpster fires away from buildings to prevent things from getting worse.

The website also posted an article on how police may use the large amount of video evidence available to prosecute rioters. Click here.

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